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And How This Is Really About You


My singular purpose is to help as many people as possible achieve optimal physical and mental health. I believe biology and psychology are linked, and that by providing a healthy environment for the body we are more likely to fulfill our personal potential through a happy and optimized life. 

In 2017, my health crashed following the use of a dry sauna post-workout. At the time I trained 3 hours or more a day in crossfit, olympic weightlifting, and yoga. It was only after this incident that I learned about the vast world of chronic disease, and that my own story is far from unique. 

Left and right, people of the modern era are succumbing to strange symptoms of low energy, heart palpitations, pain, and mental health issues. These conditions: such as chronic fatigue syndrome, multiple schlerosis, diabetes, and fybromialgia to name a few, may all be linked to toxicity in our environment and unnatural stressors of modern life. 

So whether you are in the depths of a chronic condition, or are functional and healthy but feel you could get more out of life, I am here to share all the ways we can re-align our biology with it's intended environment. 

I healed from chronic fatigue syndrome in two years despite being bedridden and a miniscule income. Imagine what you could do with a guide. 

I offer services as a freelance content writer for any subject pertaining to health or fitness, as well as many others. I currently contribute to such publications as The Ready State by Dr. Kelly Starrett, Better Humans on, and several others. My specialty is actionable, research based  guides to complex physical or mental health topics.

With that said I am one of those poeple that just loves life, and I've participated in and educated myself on a vast multitiude of subjects ranging from outdoor rock climbing to canine obedience training. I feel perfectly comfortable tackling topics outside of my resume and would love to hear about anything you have in mind. 

Here on my own site, alongside my blog, I currently offer one time consultations. These are here for anyone who wants to support my work and speak with me directly. I am also in the process of creating a long term consulting program so stay tuned. Regardless, I will always strive to provide as much free content as possible via my writing. 

So welcome! Thank you so much for being here, and I cannot wait to serve you in whatever way I can!

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To hire me for freelance writing, propose a product partnership, or just talk to me about whatever the heck you want to, fill out the form! I'd love to speak with you.

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