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In 2017 I went from top-tier crossfit athlete to being so held back by chronic fatigue that I could not leave my home. With little support, I became an expert on funcitonal health, nutrition, fitness, psychology, and business in order to  come back to life. From the ashes I created a career as a top content creator for what I call Life Optimization. I provide the internet's best foundational guides for a wide variety of topics both on my own website and for my contracting agencies. Hire me for top-tier content to empower your own site, or visit my "consulting" page for help with your own journey. We all face challenges, and we all have far more potential than we could ever realize. Let's actualize it.


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Foods that Increase Testosterone

When it comes to increasing testosterone naturally, you want to eat plenty of foods which contain building blocks for the hormone. In...

5 Foods That Decrease Inflammation

Inflammation in our bodies is caused by oxidative damage in our cells whenever they do, well, anything. It is also caused by what we eat,...

Upgrading Your Mobility With Resistance Bands

Upgrading Your Mobility With Bands Even those of us who are competitive athletes have mobility problems. This is because no matter how...

Understanding the Ketogenic Diet

If you are interested in health and fitness, then odds are you’ve heard of the ketogenic diet. The odds may also be that it has you a bit...

Number One Performance Booster: Sleep

In America, we glorify those who can burn the candle at both ends. Long hours and hard work is one of our most glorified standards for...

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