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Optimize Your Life Through Biology

In 2017 I suffered a major health crash as a result of overtraining. I went from top athlete to anxious broken mess, literally overnight.

To fix it, I became obsessed with modern nutrition, health, and psychology. The result? Not only did I recover, but I became one of the internet's foremost biohacking writers. 

This site is my way of helping others to not only overcome hardship using biology, but to go beyond healing and create the life of their dreams. 

Keep on keeping on, my friends.

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Understanding the Ketogenic Diet

If you are interested in health and fitness, then odds are you’ve heard of the ketogenic diet. The odds may also be that it has you a bit...

Number One Performance Booster: Sleep

In America, we glorify those who can burn the candle at both ends. Long hours and hard work is one of our most glorified standards for...

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