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Get Some Sun on Your Bum: How Exposing Yourself Can Raise Testosterone

A bio hack is really just something healthy that not many people do. I’ve tried getting away from that term somewhat, because of the connotation it has that you’re cheating, but in reality it just means something healthy you probably hadn’t thought of.

That said, here’s a fun one: sun exposure is overall good for you. Chronic exposure does increase the risk of skin cancer, but it appears that this is related more to inconsistency and sunburn than just sun itself.

Getting consistent sun, even 20 minutes a day, helps natural vitamin d levels, regulates hormone production, and even cleans the blood. You see, through our eyes and skin, our hemoglobin reacts with sunlight.

You know how chlorophyll in plants creates energy for plants using sunlight? Well, our hemoglobin actually does the same thing. Hemoglobin is virtually identical to chlorophyll, the only difference is that hemoglobin has an iron ion attached where chlorophyll has a magnesium ion.

Nerdy science stuff out of the way, there’s actually one more hack. Your back is the second best place for sun exposure to create energy and hormones.

Guess what the first place is?

Your genitalia. Yep, the one place that in modern society; the sun don’t shine. Exposure, in every sense of the word, is a great way to boost testosterone in men. So if you have a closed yard and hippy room-mates, get outside and let it all hang out for a good 20 minutes a day. Just take it slow. That’s no place to get a sunburn.

If you don’t want to go outside in your birthday suit, or you simply can’t, another expensive but efficient option is to get a Jjoov infrared light. This light used wavelengths of red light proven to have health benefits. This way you can blast your nether regions with health benefits year round, rain or shine, and in the privacy of your own home.

So, whether it’s fancy health lights or getting your literal bum in the sun, get out there and make sure the pool guy isn’t scheduled.

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