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A Hidden Benefit of Beta-Blockers & What You Can Do Instead

As some of you may know, beta-blockers are popular pharmaceuticals given to patients with heart problems, particularly high blood pressure and heart rhythm defects. Like many other pharmaceuticals, beta-blockers can have side effects you want to avoid. However, they may also contain a powerful hidden benefit that few outside the realm of functional medicine are aware of.

You see, there is a growing body of evidence showing that EMFs are causing health problems in our societies. EMFs are Elcectro-Magnetic Frequencies, and these include the electric frequencies given off by power outlets or devices but also radio waves, wifi routers, blue tooth, and cell phone signals. Not all EMFs are created equal, and some are more damaging than others, but they all represent a stressor that human bodies are not used to. If you want to look more deeply into the subject of EMFs, I strongly suggest you look into the work of Nick Pineault.

Where beta-blockers come in is that they may block the mechanism by which EMFs damage our bodies. In every cell in our body, there are these gates that control the calcium flow and these are known as voltage-gated calcium channels. As the name implies, these gates open in response to electrical frequencies in the body’s environment. The problem is that EMFs from our many electronic devices affect these calcium channels, and effectively jam the gates open. In turn, the calcium released from these gates is known as a free-radical, a highly reactive molecule or atom that causes inflammation and damage inside the body. These calcium free radicals are particularly reactive, and have been linked to cancer.

One of the ways that Beta-blockers operate is by closing voltage-gated calcium channels, which in turn protects against the negative effects of EMF exposure. If you take a beta-blocker for heart problems, anxiety, or blood pressure, you may have noticed increased mood, higher quality sleep, and less fatigue during the day. 

EMF is particularly damaging to sleep, and by extension mood and can cause fatigue. It’s possibe that the problems you had before taking beta-blockers was a result of high exposure to EMFs. Always work with a doctor when making moves to stop taking medications, but at the same time, you could find ways to improve your health and possibly stop needing beta-blockers by lowering your exposure to EMFs.

The best way to address EMF exposure is to have your house analyzed by a specialist, but you can also do it yourself by buying an EMF meter. You may discover that power lines for your house are directly under your bedroom, causing high exposure at night and worsening your health, etc. I recommend that everyone take this more in-depth approach at some point, but the details go beyond the scope of this article. Look up the e-book “Non-tinfoil hat guide to EMFs” by Nicholas Pineault to quickly learn exactly how to become an EMF expert.

In the mean time, there are two quick things you can do to have healthier nights. At night, unplug everything in your room. Then, before retiring, put your phone on airplane mode or turn it off. Phones emit 4 kinds of EMF at once: Wifi, Cellular, Power, and Bluetooth. 

Lastly, unplug your wifi at night. Now you’ve quickly lowered the EMF exposure while sleeping. At some point, get an EMF meter or hire an EMF specialist so you can discover whether there are other EMF signals affecting you that you cannot easily address.

 I know this stuff may sound scary and unreal, but remember that before the discovery of bacteria, we thought diseases came from witchcraft. Not being able to see bacteria, we were not aware of their effects. Similarly, we cannot see EMF, but we know it is there, and countries like India are already taking strong measures to lower EMF pollution. In the meantime you can educate yourself, lower your exposure as much as you can, and be a step ahead.

For my full article on EMF, including research findings and more specific methods of protection, head over to


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