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Coenzyme Q10: Boost your Mitochondria, Protect your Heart, and Fight Inflammation

Coenzyme Q10

In case you missed biology class, or like most of it just don’t remember everything you “learned” in grade school, enzymes are used in your body for nearly everything. They act like keys in the process of chemical break down, or activation of certain bodily functions. One of these enzymes is CoQ10, or Coenzyme Q10, and it has recently become popular for it’s benefits to heart health, energy, and the health of your mitochondria.

Biology review question number 2, what are mitochondria? Mitochondria are little powerhouses inside all of our cells. They are precursors to the first bacteria, and they are our base for energy production. Dave Asprey, the bulletproof ceo, and founder of upgraded self, has researched extensively into powering our mitochondria due to their effects on, well, everything.

This is one of the places where CoQ10 comes in. CoQ10 is very important to mytochondrial energy, and also acts as a powerful antioxidant which is particularly important in your blood vessels. CoQ10 removes plaque from the arterial walls, and has been linked to the prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

When otherwise healthy athletes have sudden heart failure, they are often found to have low amounts of this coenzyme present in their bodies. So, how does this help you? Well for one, CoQ10 has been found to be extremely safe, with little to no reports of negative side effects. Also, in trials, those who took supplemental CoQ10 showed lower blood pressure and lowered risk of sudden cardiac death. Also, CoQ10 has been anecdotally found to increase energy levels without the agitating effects sometimes found in caffeine or other stimulants.

When it comes to supplementation, always go with a reliable source. That said, you can get CoQ10 affordably from companies like Jarrow Formulas, which I've even seen at whole foods. You can also go with blends that contain CoQ10. I like Thorne Research for their Omega Plus supplement which contains both health fatty acids and a boost of CoQ10.

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