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Generational Toxicity: One Of The Most Important Health Problems That Goes Unaddressed

Updated: Sep 21, 2018

In the 21st century, while infectious disease has been well managed by antibiotics, sterile environments, and vaccination, chronic diseases and conditions have been on the rise. Male fertility is decreasing, testosterone in men is decreasing, women face hormone problems, cancer rates are increasing, mental health problems and brain degenerative disease such as Alzheimer’s are increasing, and many of these diseases were non-existent 100 years ago.

Furthermore, many of our advances in medicine which are so effective against infections, may be the causes behind our failing health. You see, chronic disease are not caused by an invading bacteria, but are instead a form of multi-system failure in response to high toxic load upon the body. Essentially, your body breaks down into a state from which it can no longer heal.

Now, there are many factors behind what causes chronic disease, but there is one in-particular that even the most well-versed in modern health often miss: Generational metal toxicity.

You see, heavy metals and other chemicals in our environment cause havoc on our bodies silently. Once we are exposed, the metals find their way into our tissues, and are no longer detectable on regular blood tests. Many people address heavy metals because they have known exposures, such as silver dental fillings which leak mercury, or job-related exposure such as welding environments or construction. In many ways these are the lucky ones. One of the most disturbing things about heavy metals is that they are passed down, and you could have dangerous levels of lead, mercury, cadmium, or arsenic simply because of what your parents or grandparents were exposed to.

For example, the heavy metal: Lead, will pass down from an exposed mother to their children for at least 3 generations before it reaches safe levels. Furthermore, most of our grandparents grew up during the lead generation. Lead was in paints, cans, household products, you name it. Even if your grandparents had relatively healthy lives, the odds are that you have high levels of lead in your body.

To look into metal toxicity, one needs a blood test called a “Heavy metal challenge test” which can be ordered by a good endocrinologist. These tests are more reliable than regular blood testing because they have you take a “true-binder” which pulls the metals out of your tissues, then you test the blood the next day. Without the binder, blood testing will only test for recent exposure.

Once you have determined toxicity, you need do a professional long-term detox program. Unfortunately, most detoxes on the market are little more than band-aids. The herbs used in popular “cleanses” are not strong enough to pull hard toxins all the way out of the body, and can make you feel worse by moving toxins around without eliminating them. No herbal cleanse has the power to remove heavy metals from the body, and even the popular Bentonite clay has been shown to be ineffective for this purpose.

My recommendation is the True Cellular Detox program, created by Dr. Daniel Pompa, but what you’re looking for is any long-term program that involves the use of true binders. These programs take months, or even years. You see, we accumulate toxins over the course of a lifetime. We cannot clear them in a day or a week. Fortunately, for most people, you will feel better than ever in your life after a few months of detoxing correctly.

Daniel Pompa, mentioned earlier, had such high levels of mercury in his body that he couldn’t hear his daughter cry without having severe panic attacks. Despite being a well versed functional medicine practitioner, he could not workout, sleep, eat certain foods, or get through a day without debilitating fatigue and mental problems despite all his best efforts. After two years of this hell, he finally discovered that his symptoms were the result of mercury poisoning from his silver dental fillings, and thus began the process of creating his True Cellular Detox program to heal himself.

Considering how many people have toxins in their bodies, committing to one of these programs and removing the toxins in you could give you not just health, but a performance boost against most of your peers. Imagine being the one truly clean person in an era dominated by failing health? In fact, according to most top performers including Tony Robbins and Sir Richard Branson, health is the number one most important factor for success.


True Cellular Detox:

Daniel Pompa:

I have no affiliation with Dr. Pompa, his products, or work. I like his material and I have used his program to regain my own health, but I do not make money from discussing him or his products.


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