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Generational Toxicity: How Your Parents Gave You Heavy Metals

And How You Can Make This an Advantage

Most of us have heard that heavy metals are unhealthy; It’s why we’re advised not to eat too much tuna and certain fish. It’s also why you’ll never see lead cups or utensils.

Heavy metals, such as lead, cadmium, mercury, arsenic, and chromium, are extremely damaging to living things and are correctly considered a danger that should be avoided.

However, not even 20 years ago, many products in regular use contained these metals, especially mercury and lead.

Mercury dental fillings are one example, and though they have greatly waned in popularity, they are still used in the U.S. Furthermore, improper removal of these dental fillings often vaporizes the mercury into a gas that goes directly into your brain or chips off particles that are inhaled or ingested.

But maybe you’ve never had a mercury dental filling put in your mouth, or lived in a house with lead paint. You could still have a heavy metal problem.

Generational heavy metal toxicity is a phenomena where heavy metals and other toxins are passed down to you by your parents, usually on the maternal side of your family, and it can take 3 or more generations to reach safe levels in a life form naturally.

And all this is a good thing!

Well, it’s not “good” perse, but I see it in a powerful light; Though we may be impaired by a metal toxicity we didn’t even know we had, addressing this problem is a huge opportunity.

I mean think about it? Heavy metals are one of the most damaging, neurotoxic compounds you could have in your body, yet here you are, living life, hopefully healthy and doing well. Now imagine if you removed these toxins.

Heavy metals may contribute to a host of issues that may be holding you back even if you are healthy, such as:

Let’s say you are a top CEO at a fortune 500 company. You’re one of the most well-to-do people you know, but you have mercury in your brain and lead in your bones because of paint that was in your grandmother’s house.

Now imagine that you do a proper detox program to remove this metals. You thought you were the most efficient you could be before detoxing, yet now you feel like literal superman but without a kryptonite.

On the other end of the spectrum, I’ve heard of proper detox resolving deep neurological conditions many consider permanent. Dr. Daniel Pompa, developer of the True Cellular Detox program, has a son who was on the autism spectrum (specifically with sensory integration dysfunction Asperger’s.)

After going through proper detox, now the boy is successful in his 20s and is no longer on the spectrum.

Personally, heavy metal detox was a huge component in healing from HPA-Axis disregulation, which had me dealing with fatigue, anxiety, panic attacks, and heart palpitations for close to two years.

My tests showed both heavy metal poisoning as well as biological toxins (mold, hidden infections such as Lyme, etc.) despite the fact I’ve never had a direct exposure to lead or mercury.

Before doing a proper, long term detox program (which you’ll learn about later) my journey was 1 step forward, 2 steps back. It was not until addressing heavy metals and deep toxins that I started to improve in the long-term.

Now, as always, the purpose of this article is not to make medical claims nor to give medical advise. Do not attempt to address a medical issue without the supervision of a medical practitioner.

However, addressing heavy metal toxicity properly is one of the most powerful tools I know of for improving your life. Period.


Understanding Generational Heavy Metal Toxicity

There is a lot to unpack in this article, and for that reason I’d like to keep the “understand” section short so we can spend most of our time covering “how-to.”

With that said, I believe it is very important for everyone to understand the phenomena of generational toxicity in more detail.

Generational toxicity is the phenomena by which heavy metals are passed down from one generation to the next, leading to new generations having heavy metals in their tissues despite never being exposed directly.

In a study performed in 2004 by the Environmental Working Group, umbilical cord blood wast tested for chemicals in live birth babies in the U.S.

287 different industrial chemicals were detected in the umbilical cord blood, and the average per baby was 200. Of these 287 chemicals, 180 are known carcinogens, and such things as heavy metals, flame retardants, and industrial dye were detected in the blood.

In another study known as the “Drasch” study, children’s mercury levels were measured in children from infant age to 5 years old, as well as autopsy reports of miscarriages. Mercury levels in the brains of children directly correlated with the amount of mercury in the mother’s mouth via dental amalgam fillings.

Furthermore, mercury was observed in the umbilical cord blood, and children with more than 0.8 ng Hg/ml had a 3.5 times greater risk for developing neurological disorders.

Where did our parent’s and grandparents get exposed? Well, even today dental fillings that contain mercury are a common practice in the U.S.

Though much of the world has banned these fillings, and they have definitely become far less popular, they are still legal and considered “safe” by many a dental practice. However, evidence such as the Drasch study mentioned earlier as well as many others paints a different picture.

It’s not just mercury either. Lead paint did not get banned officially until 1978, and many homes still contain the material. According to the CDC, 4 million children are still being exposed to high levels of lead to this day.

Well, lead and other heavy metals settle in skeletal tissue after chronic exposure. When women are pregnant, they often experience reduction in bone density as part of the process of providing biological resources for the baby.

Now, this is just a theory regarding a mechanism, but it is likely that the lead stored in a mother’s skeletal tissue goes to the baby as bone density reduces.

Dr. Daniel Pompa, who we will discuss later, had his wife’s lead levels tested after her own mother passed away from cancer and showed dangerous lead levels on the autopsy report. Despite the fact that Pompa’s wife did not have any known exposures to lead, her levels were unsafe as well.

This trend held true for Dr. Pompa’s children as well, meaning that either there was an exposure none of them were aware of, or that these unsafe levels came from their grandmother and passed down over 3 generations.


A Word on Detox

Detox has become a bit of a buzzword in recent years, and everywhere you look is another herbal or juice “cleanse.”

Before we get into the how-to of addressing toxins, let me get things straight:

Detoxifying properly involves clinical grade heavy metal binders and requires months or longer adherence to a program.

Do not attempt to address heavy metal toxicity with herbs. Herbal detoxes are missing crucial elements that are necessary for detoxing stubborn materials like heavy metals, and these cleanse programs can even be dangerous if your toxicity is high enough.

This is because of two things:

Herbs are weak binders. They may “grab” onto some heavy metals in your body, but they will not expel them from your body completely. Instead, they will simply relocate the metals to other parts of your body where they will cause new problems.Even with proper heavy metal binders, you need something to expel the heavy metals from your body completely. Proper heavy metal binders, often called “chelators” will get the toxins out of your tissues and to your gut where they can be flushed, but you need to use another agent like activated charcoal to sop up the toxins there and make sure it gets out of your system completely.

Basically, addressing heavy metal toxicity involves working with a qualified program, likely developed and offered by a functional medicine practitioner, and not via a cleanse you find at the supermarket.

Furthermore, detoxing with weak binders alone, such as herbs, can make the problem worse if you have high toxicity already. These herbs don’t expel the metals from your body, they just move them around your body, and when toxins move around your body, you feel it.

If these metals settle in more sensitive areas, an herbal detox can leave you feeling sick for weeks.

Don’t worry, there are great, working programs available for everyone, and I’ll tell you how to get the one I use later.

I’d just like you to know now that when I refer to “detox” in this article, I refer to professional, long term programs and not to your average health store juice cleanse.


Testing: Should You Invest in Detox?

The first step towards addressing heavy metal toxicity is to get tested.

Typically, medical practitioners will test for heavy metals via a blood test, but this is only helpful if you had a recent exposure. For heavy metals that are passed down via generational toxicity, or for exposures long ago, the metals will have already left the blood and settled in your tissues.

For this reason, testing for heavy metals properly involves something known as a “heavy metal challenge test.”

This test involves taking a heavy metal chelator, which is a material that will bind to the heavy metals in your tissues and pull them out of your system, and then taking a urine test the following morning.

This test paints a much more accurate picture of your toxicity.

The best way to go about getting a heavy metal test is to google for it in your area. You will have to go to a practitioner to have this test performed, but this may mean you can use your insurance for it.

Prices may vary depending on the practitioner, but a test and evaluation with a practitioner may be somewhere in the ballpark of $250-$500.

Now, when it comes to advanced healing methods, I personally try to get the most bang for my buck. You’re looking to optimize, not heal a disease, and for most people, $250 — $500 can feel like a lot to use just to test.

Heck, I didn’t even choose to shell out that money and I was trying to heal from a health condition.

This is why: though heavy metal challenge testing is the gold standard, there is another test called the VCS test that is cheap, accurate, and easily repeatable.

When I began working on metal toxicity, I had a fund for challenge testing, but the VCS test ended up doing everything I needed and I re-routed the fund into paying for the actual detox program.

I mean, heck, as great as it is to get data, all you’re really trying to do is determine whether you have a problem you can address. You don’t necessarily need to know the specific levels of heavy metals or toxins in your body, just that they are there at all.

Plus the ideal scenario is to test, then do the work to address the problem, then to re-test. If your tests cost half a grand, then pretty soon retesting means spending thousands on just that.

By comparison, the VCS test can be done for $10 and re-tested as often as you can shell out the cost of a fancy starbucks drink.

The Visual Contrast Sensitivity Test

As alluded to by the name, this test detects your exposure to toxins via analyzing your ability to detect contrast.

Created by Dr. Schoemaker and Dr. Hudnell, this test is extremely accurate for detecting neurotoxins. 92% of people get accurate results, with only about 2% of people getting a false negative (passing the test despite having toxicity) and 6% get false positives (showing toxicity but not having any.)

Now, officially speaking, the VCS test is a “screening” and not a “diagnostic” test. This simply means that the test is not intended to diagnose a medical condition, so if you test positive and suspect you have a legitimate medical condition, you should work with a doctor to find a diagnosis.

The accuracy of the VCS test is due to the sensitivity of the optic nerve to toxins. This nerve, which runs from the eyes into the brain, most directly effects our vision and is also one of the most sensitive to neurotoxicity of any kind.

One can even identify the type of toxicity via this test. Though this guide is centered around heavy metals, VCS may show high levels of “biotoxicity” which is often the result of mold damage in one’s home or a hidden infection like lyme disease.

By comparison, the heavy metal challenge test mentioned earlier is more accurate for testing heavy metals, however you may completely miss the fact that you have a toxin source such as mold or a hidden infection.

This is why I suggest doing the VCS test even if you also do the heavy metal challenge test.

The awesome thing about this test is that it is available for a mere $10, and even less if you are working with a medical practitioner. The creators of the test want it to be as available as possible, so they simply ask for a $10 donation if you want detailed results and are not working with a practitioner to solve a medical condition.

If you are working with a practitioner, they can send their credentials to VCS and get your tests free.

P.S. Technically the VCS test is free to everyone on their first test, but they will only tell you if you test positive or negative for toxicity, without sharing the detailed results that let you discover if it’s a metal toxicity, bio-toxicity, or nutrient deficiency.

Definitely make sure to donate $10 for the extra details. They are worth it.

Instructions are available and clearly given on the website when you take your test, but basically you’ll cover one eye and then take a visual test using your computer screen.

P.S.S. If you were glasses, wear them! The purpose of the test is not to test your visual acuity (how well you can see) but to test your contrast sensitivity (how well you can discern between shades of grey.)

If you use anything that optimizes your ability to see, then you should wear them during the test as well (reading glasses, contacts, etc.)

Get your test done at:


True Cellular Detox

Dr. Daniel Pompa is a chiropractic doctor who came down with strange mental and physical symptoms that could not be explained by medical staff.

One day he just felt under-recovered from a bike ride, and decided to take the next day off. Though he imagined he was simply overtraining, he felt unusually fatigued.

And he just got worse.

Eventually, Dr. Pompa’s symptoms would escalate to include massive panic attacks, severe insomnia, anxiety, and fatigue.

He spent years trying to find solutions, until finally an endocrinologist friend suggested he test for heavy metals.

Pompa had tested in the past, but not with the heavy metal challenge test, which his friend suggested, and sure enough his results showed massive levels of mercury.

The rest of Pompa’s story is one of pain-to-purpose. He experimented and attempted detox using weak herbal binders, but these herbs merely moved the metals around his body without expelling them (one incident with cilantro almost landed him in the psychiatric ward.)

Eventually Dr. Pompa began making connections and developed a program, now known as True Cellular Detox.

To address chronic heavy metal poisoning he used strong, clinical heavy metal binders, underwent detox for months and not weeks, and used a supplement protocol to benefit the mitochondria, support the body’s detox organs (kidney and liver) and repair cell membranes throughout the body. 

The results of his program are that after 6 months, Dr. Pompa was able to exercise again for the first time in 2 years, and after 2 years of doing his program, he felt not only cured, but truly better and more resilient than ever before in his life.

Dr. Pompa became sick shortly after having his mercury dental fillings removed, but he likely had a level of generational toxicity as well.

Furthermore, as we discussed earlier, his adopted son healed from autism via The True Cellular Detox program, and his wife healed from hormone issues caused by high levels of Lead in her body. Neither of them had direct exposures to a heavy metal like Dr. Pompa did, and had likely received their heavy metals from their parents.

Dr. Pompa’s story hits close to home for me, because the symptoms he dealt with mirror my own experience more than any other I’ve heard. In fact, it was hearing Dr. Pompa discuss his story in a podcast interview on The Unbeatable Mind Podcast that I became determined to do True Cellular Detox myself.

Nowadays, Dr. Pompa offers his True Cellular Detox program via his online site, or through a network of trained medical practitioners that go through his teaching program.

I am not affiliated with True Cellular Detox or Dr. Pompa, however this is the program I suggest one use to detox.

There are other programs out there, and I always recommend searching your area for alternatives. However, TCD (True Cellular Detox) is available no matter where you live in the U.S. and I can vouch for it being quality.

The 5 R’s of True Cellular Detox

The True Cellular Detox program operates based on the concept of the 5 R’s of cellular healing. These R’s are:

  • Remove The Source

  • Regenerate The Cell Membrane

  • Restore Cellular Energy (support the mitochondria)

  • Reduce Inflammation

  • Re-establish Methylation

Each month of the 3 month True Cellular Detox (TCD) program contains supplements to support these R’s, with one exception:

As we mentioned earlier, the first step towards detox is to remove the source of toxicity. If you are suffering generational toxicity, and are not otherwise exposed to a specific toxin source, then you are good to go on starting this program.

Even if you haven’t removed the source, doing TCD will help, but you’ll still be exposed and likely to have issues.

To re-cap, sources of toxicity are things such as:

  • Mercury Dental Fillings

  • Lead Paint in the House

  • Mold in the House

  • Hidden Infections

  • Solvents and Cleaning Chemicals which some are highly sensitive to

So, first, remove the source. This would be taking action like proper removal of mercury dental fillings, if you have them, or making sure your house is free of lead paint and mold.

Most detox programs will teach you how to do this directly, and TCD does so during the 3 week onboarding section of the online course that comes with the detox.

Once you are ready to start TCD, the program supports the other 5 R’s via daily supplements, as well as instructions for diet and movement. This is mainly stuff like avoiding inflammatory foods, and doing very light Yoga-style workouts to activate the lymphatic system.

That said, the bulwark of the TCD program is definitely the monthly supplements and heavy metal binders.

In order, the supplement packages for TCD are:

  1. The Prep Phase

  2. The Body Phase

  3. The Brain Phase

Month 1: The Prep Phase

As the name implies, the prep phase of TCD is oriented towards preparing your body for detox. This phase covers all the bases of supporting your natural detox pathways, lowering inflammation, supporting the mitochondria to increase energy, and optimizing your Omega-3 fatty acid ratios and mineral balance.

Frankly, even on its own, this phase is a powerful health optimizer.

Many people who participate in long term detox programs such as True Cellular Detox do so because they are sick, and may be dealing with severe health problems like mine or Dr. Pompa’s.

One of the things that can happen is that one’s detox pathways, namely the function of the liver and the kidneys, become “stopped up” so-to-speak. Your toxic burden is so high, that were you to start detoxing right away, either very little detox would actually occur, or the process would leave you feeling terrible.

This is why month 1 of the detox program is so focused on raising the health of your body and supporting these essential detox organs.

Now, you might think “Oh, well I’m already healthy, so I can probably just skip to the detox right?”

Maybe, however, I’d like you to consider that even healthy people are often not in an optimal place. Fatty liver disease, a condition once associated solely with alcoholism, is now being found in children as a result (seemingly) of high processed sugar consumption in the U.S.

Furthermore, many people have poor Omega-3 to Omega-6 fatty acid ratios, leading to inflammation, and mitochondrial function (energy production in the cell.)

Combine this with the fact that much of the time, sick individuals need to do the prep phase for more than a month, and I personally think it’s a good idea for everyone to complete this phase before moving on.

Heck, frankly, the prep phase looks an awful lot like the kind of supplement protocol I’d suggest just to get the most out of life.

To give you an idea of what the prep phase entails and how it supports your health, here’s a list of the supplements as well as their function. Each is linked so you can see the full ingredient lists.

ENRG: supports mitochondrial biogenesis (creation of new mitochondria) and ATP production (ATP is the base chemical our body burns for energy.) As well as providing a B-vitamin complex and an essential minerals blend including those such as zinc, magnesium, potassium, etc.

MORS: MORS is a methylation support supplement. Methylation is a term for one of the most foundational biological processes: specifically, the transfer of 4 atoms from one substance to another in the body. Efficiency of your methylation has a huge effect on your health.

Methylation can be impaired by genetic and environmental factors, and this is why for a detox program, we support it. The MORS supplement contains such things as 5-MTHF (Vitamin B9,) herbs like green tea extract, minerals, and amino acids like L-Carnosine. It powerfully supports methylation, which is a crucial process for detox.

Vista 1: Vista 1 is a supplement that repairs the membranes of the cells in our body. This is one of the 5 R’s, and is hugely important for detox. Many of the ingredients even target healing the gut biome, as one of the areas that poor cell membrane function is often greatest is in the gut lining. Poor membranes lead to poor cell function and increased inflammation due to foreign particles entering the cell.

Some of the ingredients in the Vista One supplement are anti-oxidants such as Astaxanthin, phospholipids such as phosphatidyl-choline to create healthy membranes and tissues (also powerful for brain health,) and herbs that target the membrane such as Saw Palmetto, Beach Bark, etc.

K-Kidney: K-Kidney supports, as you may have guessed, the kidneys. One thing I love about the systemic formulas supplements is the inclusion of RNA/DNA tissue factors in the supplement. These help “guide” the supplement contents to specifically target your kidney tissue when it comes to supporting the body.

The kidneys are one of the key organs in the body for detoxification, and this supplement helps support the kidneys to prepare them for detox in the coming months. Ingredients include things such as adrenal tissue factors (to support adrenal function) and herbs like Cha De Bugre that promote blood flow.

Vista 2: Vista 2 is very similar to Vista 1 except that it is more targeted towards supporting the mitochondria. As they told us in biology class, the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell, and this is why so many products in this program support the mitochondria.

L-Liver: L-Liver is like K-Kidney, but for the liver. The liver is our body’s premiere detox organ. It is so capable of dealing with toxins that it can even regenerate itself. No, seriously, if you remove part of someone’s liver, the organ can regenerate to full size and function in a few months.

Even so, the liver can be overloaded by toxic burden, and this supplement is aimed at boosting liver function for the sake of the Detox program.

Ingredients include herbs like Calendine, liver support like liver RNA/DNA tissue factors, etc.

MBC: MBC is a probiotic supplement created by systemic formulas. Basically, it helps provide healthy bacteria for the gut biome. The gut biome is a hugely important factor of foundational biology, and supporting it is a good idea in general, not just for a detox program.

This probiotic uses several lactobasillus bacterial strains as well as some bifadobactum bacteria. These are chosen for their ability to support mineral absorption, gut healing, lowering inflammation, and other purposes.

Month 2: The Body Phase

The body phase is the first phase of TCD that involves using a heavy metal binder to begin detox. For one month, you will use a supplement called Cytodetox to remove heavy metals from your body.

However, this is still a “preparation” for the next phase, known as the brain phase.

During the body phase, you will use 1mL of Cytodetox daily, along with supporting supplements like those of the prep phase.

The goal of this month is to create a “detoxification gradient” so that harder to reach tissues like the brain can be targeted during the final month and for the rest of your experience with the program.

The body phase includes many of the supplements from the Prep phase, and 3 new ones:

Cytodetox: Cytodetox is the binding agent used in the TCD program. It is a liposomal zeolyte. Zeolyte is a volcanic stone found often in seawater that is such an effective binder that it is known as “nature’s detoxifier.”

Liposomal zeolyte renders this material capable of binding to heavy metals in a biological environment, and this is the supplement that will do the “heavy lifting” throughout the experience of the TCD program.

Bind: Bind is a supplement taken at night to expel toxins from the gut. This product is a blend of herbs and activated carbon, AKA activated charcoal. While detoxing for TCD, you’ll be expelling toxins in your sweat and through your digestive system as Cytodetox pulls them from your tissues, however these bound particles can stay floating in your digestive system for a time.

Bind speeds up the process, as activated charcoal is so effective at “sopping up” everything in your gut that it is even used when someone ingests poisons. However, it also binds to any minerals and foods, so it is best to use Bind on an empty stomach. During the TCD program, it is taken right before bed, at least 2 hours after food or other supplements.

Over night, bind will “sop up” any toxins in your gut.

GCEL: The main ingredient in GCEL is liposomal glutathione. Glutathione is one of the most powerful antioxidants known to man, but it is typically created inside the body and not something you can take as a supplement. The gut destroys glutathione.

However, the liposomal version of glutathione wraps the antioxidant in a fat molecule (called a liposome) which allows it to absorb directly into the tissue of your body and pass through the gut unharmed.

Liposomal glutathione is one of the best anti-inflammatory supplements you can use, and the purpose of GCEL is to be a direct weapon against inflammation at the cellular level.

Month 3 & Onward: The Brain Phase

The final phase of True Cellular Detox is The Brain Phase. As the name implies, the purpose of the brain phase is to remove toxins from deep, important tissues like the brain.

Unlike the body phase, the supplement protocol during the brain phase does not involve daily use of Cytodetox, but instead doubles the daily dose to 2mL for one week, then you don’t use Cytodetox for a week.

This creates a “gradient” effect. When you stop detoxing, heavy metals from places of higher density to places of lower density. Often, this means moving from deep tissues like the brain out to easier-to-detox tissues in the body.

Furthermore, during the “detox” weeks of the brain phase, an additional detoxification supplement is included called BrainDTX.

The brain phase adds two supplements not seen in the previous months:

Brain DTX: Brain DTX uses Alpha lipoic acid and D-Biotin to support neurological enzyme functions. This combined with the alternating use of Cytodetox helps support targeted removal of heavy metals from the brain.

MIN: When detoxing, your body uses up minerals more quickly than usual, and for this reason you need to replenish mineral stores. This is what the MIN supplement is for.

MIN contains high amounts of necessary minerals, such as magnesium, zinc, copper, etc. as well as an herbal blend to promote absorption.


How to Find a Detox Program

So, we’ve discussed at-length the ins and outs of the true cellular detox program, but how does one actually participate?

True Cellular Detox is available via Dr. Daniel Pompa’s company directly. However, it costs approximately $3000 to go this route. While it is an option to do monthly payments, there are other means.

Dr. Pompa encourages people to work with trained True Cellular Detox specialists when doing the program, and allows these practitioners to offer lower prices on the program. In some cases, significantly lower.

This is mainly to encourage you to find a practitioner rather than just buy it online.

Option 1: Get a Lower Price from a Certified True Cellular Detox Practitioner

Regarding finding a practitioner, I emailed and requested a list of True Cellular Detox practitioners within 50 miles of my zipcode. If you live in a large city, you will likely get a list of 10 or more options, and be able to “shop” around.

Working with a practitioner is very helpful for troubleshooting, and those trained in the TCD program also offer free testing to measure your inflammation levels throughout your detox.

Don’t worry, if the practitioner you talk to lives far from you, you only have to make one trip to pick up the program. You’ll have access to the TCD online portal where you can ask questions if you don’t feel like asking your practitioner.

The practitioner I found offers the TCD program for as low as he can, and I was able to do the whole thing for a total of $1200, payable in installments or all at once.

If you live in the Dallas Fort Worth Area, check out Optimum Wellness Solutions in Richardson Texas. This is the office I get my TCD supplements from and was able to get this price from.

Option 2: Catch a True Cellular Detox Challenge

Dr. Pompa works with top names in the health and fitness industry to spread the word about True Cellular Detox and offer a unique opportunity to do the TCD challenge with a group, Dr. Pompa, and a popular health name such as Ben Greenfield (voted America’s top personal trainer) or Anthony Diclementi of The Biohacking Secrets Show.

Best of all, these challenges offer the lowest prices I’ve seen for True Cellular Detox: $997, and often allow you to do up to 6 months of payments.

Basically, you get to do the program, with half a year to pay, at the lowest available price, and get direct access to Dr. Pompa, the creator of the program, and a top health writer such as Ben Greenfield.

In past years, the True Cellular Detox Challenge has been available at the start of every year via, which is the one with Ben Greenfield.

This year 2019, they offered it in partnership with biohacker Anthony Diclementi of Biohacking Secrets in early spring.

And as of this writing, Dr. Pompa is offering it directly from his own website until June 24th, though most likely that will have passed by the time most readers find this article.

My point is that the program is available for a mere $997 at least once a year, and usually multiple times. It is always called The True Cellular Detox Challenge, so now you know what to google search.

If you can’t find a practitioner nearby to offer you a good price, put a fund together and catch one of the detox challenges. Remember, you can pay it off over the course of up to 6 months.

Option 3: Find a Completely Different Program

When I first began looking into the True Cellular Detox program, I noticed did some research on my area for comparable programs.

I was able to find several practitioners offering similar long-term detox programs, using true heavy metal binders, etc.

I ended up doing TCD, but you can definitely look around for alternatives. When looking for a good heavy metal detox, here are some key points to look for:

True Heavy Metal Binders: Often these are referred to as chelators. One very common heavy metal binder is DMSA.Long-term: Addressing heavy metals that have settled in deep tissue is a long process, not a short one. You accumulated these toxins over a lifetime, and due to generational toxicity, possibly over multiple lifetimes. You are not going to get rid of them in a week.

There is a place for short detox, such as recent exposure or acute poisoning, but for our purposes detox should take 3 months or longer.Price: One of the main reasons to look for an alternative to True Cellular Detox is to find a better price. Remember, you’re competing with $1000 for 3 months, if you were to do the True Cellular Detox Challenge, and $3000 if you can only access the most expensive option of TCD.

One possible advantage of using an alternative program is that you may be able to get a diagnosis of chronic heavy metal poisoning, and use your insurance. Despite how prevelant heavy metals are, chronic heavy metal poisoning is an uncommon diagnosis and the procedures to address it are also uncommon, so most often you have to pay out of pocket. However, no harm in trying eh?



Generational toxicity is a phenomena that affects many people but few know about.

Heavy metals and other toxins can be passed down from one generation to the next, so even if you have never lived in a house with lead paint, or had mercury dental fillings, you can have heavy metals in your body because of what your parents and grandparents were exposed to.

Addressing toxicity, especially heavy metal toxicity, is a multi-faceted process involving many techniques that are not standard practice in modern medicine.

However, even if you are not sick, removing heavy metals, which are some of the most damaging materials you can have in your body, can offer massive change in quality of life and improvements in performance.

First things first, one should test for heavy metals properly, using a test like the heavy metal challenge test if you can afford it, or by doing the $10 Visual Contrast Sensitivity Test available on

If you show toxicity, or if you have things like mercury heavy metal fillings, first work to remove the sources of toxins in your life. These would be things like mold, lead paint in a house, dangerous building materials, hidden infections (look into lyme if your VCS test shows biotoxicity but you don’t have a mold problem.) or mercury dental fillings.

Once you have removed the source and no longer have an exposure source, look into a long term detox program.

I used the True Cellular Detox program developed by Dr. Pompa, who created it to heal himself of panic attacks, deep anxiety, and fatigue caused by chronic mercury poisoning.

If you would like to look into other programs which are similar to true cellular detox, look for these things:

They use true heavy metal binders like DMSAAre long-term, not a 10 day or 2 week program but instead are 3 months or longerAre competitive with True Cellular Detox prices or offer a unique advantage. Perhaps you can use medical insurance to pay for it, for example.

Personally, I did long-term detox after hearing Dr. Pompa’s story. At the time, I was suffering from heart palpitations, panic attacks, and uncharacteristic anxiety and fatigue.

Before doing the 3-month True Cellular Detox program, I felt like my journey was one step forward two steps back. After, it switched to two steps forward, one step back and I began making real progress.

I still do the brain phase of true cellular detox two or three times a year, and am currently healthy with none of my old symptoms.

I am not a doctor and this article is not intended to diagnose or provide information to treat a chronic disease, but due to the damaging nature of heavy metals, especially to mental function, this work can be beneficial for anyone.

You may be a perfectly healthy individual yet be able to reach whole new levels of performance by checking if you have a heavy metal problem and addressing it, not to mention protecting your health in the long run.

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