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L. Reuteri: Defeat SIBO, Conquer Food Cravings, and Heal Your Gut With Yogurt!

Lactobasillus Reuteri is a probiotic bacterial strain found in humans. As the title of this article suggests, it has some pretty profound health effects. First and foremost, Reuteri stops pathogenic bacterial microbes from forming in the gut, and goes further to re-colonize a host’s gut composition. In layman’s terms, reuteri is powerful capable of killing the bad bacteria in our bodies which cause many health problems. This ability includes effectiveness against Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO) which lies near the root of many chronic conditons.

Reuteri also has been implicated to prevent microbial transition across the intestinal membrane, which is a process believed to contribute to inflammation. Again, in lay man’s terms, Reuteri may help the conditon known as leaky-gut, in which, due to poor gut bacteria and inflammation, particles can travel through “holes” in the cell wall of our gut lining and then get into our blood and eventually into our brain.

Further-more, Reuteri improves our immune system by decreasing the production of inflammatory cytokines while simultaneously boosting T-cell development and function. See a theme? Reuteri lowers inflammation, increases immunity, while also addressing a huge source of inflammation in the body (bad bacteria) and healing the damage those bacteria have caused (leaky gut.) It’s a pretty nifty little probiotic.

This strain of bacteria may be a lot more than just a solution for gut health. It has been observed that the presence of L. Reuteri has been declining in modern humans (while remaining high in tribal populations) and that this decline appears to be corrolated with the increase in inflammation-related disease. In other words, Reuteri may play a key role in the increase in chronic diseases such as diabtes, obesity, MS and CFS, cancer, etc. Re-introducing Reuteri bacteria could be a powerful solution that many are missing.

All that said, how do we increase our L. Reuteri? Dr. WIlliam Davis, author of wheat belly, is a big proponent of using L Reuteri and he has a great recipe for L Reuteri yogurt. He also has an in depth article discussing many benefits of L Reuteri that are backed by research done at MIT and elsewhere. If you want to learn more about this fancy little bacteria, you can go here to read his article about how L Reuteri can curb food cravings, increase testosterone, and even boost the love chemical: Oxytocin.

As bio-hacks go, this is one of the good ones, and I suggest anyone and everyone look into it and give it a try. Even if you don’t have a chronic disease, almost everyone in modern society has gut problems, and things like L. Reuteri that can heal the gut in significant ways are one of the best ways to stay health and perform better.


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